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Bus leasing

Since 2018, JSC "Industrial Development Fund" has been the operator of the Leasing Financing Program for the renewal of the bus fleet as part of the support of domestic car manufactures.
The purpose of the Program is to support the development of production of domestic buses and renew the critically worn out bus fleet of the Republic of Kazakhstan by providing leasing financing from the JSC “Industrial Development Fund”.

The leased asset must meet the following requirements:
1. the subject of lease - a bus of domestic production, brand new, previously unused and not older than 2 years as of the date of the request of the potential Lessee to acquire the subject of lease;
2. equipment with a technical tracking system (GPS / GLONASS tracker, SekurPay and other systems) for monitoring the location of the Leased Object.

The Program participants are:
- JSC Industrial Development Fund;
- The Lessee - legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and peasant farms operating in the agriculture industry, and concluded with JSC "Fund for the development of the industry," finance lease contracts to acquire the leasing subjects under a financial lease;
- The seller of the leased asset - domestic manufacturers of buses.

Conditions for providing long-term lease financing for a potential Lessee:
1) the period of leasing financing is up to 7 years;
2) the currency of financing is tenge;
3) initial payment (advance) on leasing – not less than 15% of the cost of the leased item;
4) insurance of the leased object under the CASCO program at the expense of the Lessee;
5) the minimum amount of financing under the Program is 100 million tenge.

Signing an Agreement on project support between the JSC “Industrial Development Fund” and the local executive body and / or providing other security that meets the requirements of the JSC “Industrial Development Fund” in accordance with internal acts.

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  • Cost:
  • up to 20 000 000 000 KZT
  • Remuneration rate:
  • 20%
  • Advance payment amount:
  • 50%
  • Term of the contract:
99 083 Monthly payment
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