30 passenger buses were transferred to Mangistau region
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30 passenger buses were transferred to Mangistau region

30 passenger buses were transferred to Mangistau region


In Mangistau, 30 modern buses were presented, designed for passenger transportation along the city routes of Aktau and the Munaylinsky district. In addition, they will provide the opportunity for transportation between the regional center and district centers, thereby providing residents of the region with high-quality and affordable public transport. By the end of the year, it is planned to introduce another 90 methane-powered buses.

The use of gas engines (methane) in new buses helps reduce the number of outdated vehicles, which leads to a reduction in harmful emissions and an improvement in the environmental situation in the city and populated areas of the region.

Also today, to supply buses with fuel, the first methane gas station, located on the territory of Caspiy Auto Park LLP, was put into operation. In addition, the park has a control room that provides the ability to track bus routes and view video recordings of internal observations.

The buses, adapted for the conditions of the city of Aktau, are equipped with everything necessary: an air conditioning system, seven CCTV cameras, a ramp for people with disabilities, a methane engine and a GPS system.

The purchase of buses and the launch of a methane filling station were implemented within the framework of the investment project “SPK “Caspiy” with the participation of “Caspiy Auto Park” LLP, with the support of the regional and city akimats.

The goal of the project is to ensure maximum safety, convenience and quality in the provision of passenger transportation in the Mangistau region by public transport, as well as to update the market with new modern buses.

The implementation of the project involves the creation of 460 new jobs. To achieve this goal, it is planned to purchase 120 new buses with methane engines by the end of this year from the domestic manufacturer QazTehna LLP, using leasing financing from Industrial Development Fund JSC.

The head of the region, Nurlan Nogaev, emphasized that the main goal is to provide safe, comfortable and high-quality services for passenger transportation by public transport in the Mangistau region.

- Today is a significant day for the region, as 30 new buses arrived in the region. By the end of the year, another 90 vehicles are planned to arrive. In the period from 2020 to 2022, buses on a number of routes were also updated, and 46 new domestically produced buses were added. In addition, today the construction of a methane gas filling station was completed. Consumption of liquefied gas in the Mangistau region has high rates in the country. I am confident that the use of methane fuel will reduce the load on liquefied gas. Our goal is to provide safe, comfortable and high-quality services for transporting passengers by public transport in the Mangistau region, reduce waiting time for buses and offer the passenger transportation market new high-quality buses, emphasized Nurlan Nogaev.

Source: https://www.gov.kz/memleket/entities/akimat-goroda-aktau/press/news/details/653141?lang=ru