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The state program of industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan for 2020–2025

The state program of industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan for 2020–2025


Government Programme. Industrial and Innovative Development RK 2020-2025

The State Programme for Industrial and Innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the period 2020-2025 was approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan resolution 1050 of 31 December 2019.
The aim of the program is competitive manufacturing industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan on domestic and foreign markets

The key objectives of the programme are:

    ✔ Deepening industrialization by enhancing the capacity of industrial entrepreneurship;
    ✔ Increasing production and broadening the range of processed goods in demand in domestic and external markets;
    ✔ Increasing industrial capacity through the promotion of basic production and strategic projects;
    ✔ Technological development and digitization of manufacturing industries.

Long-term leasing financing for equipment renewal is provided by JSC "FRP" to the subjects of industrial and innovative activity that implement and (or) plan to implement projects in priority sectors of the economy in accordance with Annex 1 to the Rules for Providing state Support to Subjects of Industrial and Innovative Activity aimed at Increasing labor productivity and developing territorial clusters, approved by the authorized body in the field of state support for industrial activity.

Long-term leasing financing may not be used by subjects of industrial and innovative activity, fifty or more percent of the shares (participation shares in the authorized capital) of which are directly or indirectly owned by the state, the national management holding, the national holding, the national company (with the exception of social and entrepreneurial corporations, as well as entrepreneurs established under the public-private partnership agreement).

The subject of industrial and innovative activity provides participation in the implementation of the project with monetary funds at least 15 % of the total cost of leased items when using long-term lease financing
The cost of the leased item not less than 80 million tenge (for light industry enterprises not less than 50 million tenge)
Long-term leasing financing no more than 10 years.
The interest rate under the financial leasing agreement for the applicant 5 %, while the ratio of the budget loan and other funding funds of JSC "FRP" should be 80/20.

Basic conditions of leasing financing

Leasing financing programs for projects in support of domestic car manufacturers:
The subject of leasing  The subject of leasing - автотранспортные средства и автотехника специального назначения отечественного производства,
за исключением сельскохозяйственной техники
Lease term  Lease term - от 3 до 5 лет;
Nominal interest rate  Nominal interest rate - 3% годовых;
Advance payment  Advance payment - 30% от стоимости Предмета лизинга.
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